Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 4: Check out my sweet tree fort.

I open up the game once more, eager to see what awaits me within Lanette's house. I walk in to discover her hard at work, programming or coding or whatever it is Japanese women do when they apparently have a server in their own home. I offer to teach her how to love, but she spouts off some technobabble and sends me on my way.

Man, these girls panties are about as easy to get into as Fort Knox. Maybe if I find some way to impress her, she'll swoon for me.

I set off back towards Mt. Chimney, under the assumption that smoking Team Aqua would do wonders to uncross Lanette's legs. Oh, yeah, and, uh, save the world. Whatever.

I arrive back at Mt. Chimney, and Team Magma shows up to try and do battle with Team Aqua. They keep most of the flunkies busy, but I still have to fight two of them, plus ARCHIE.

ARCHIE fights about as well as his name would imply, and runs off in tears. I stop their machine designed to cause rain or whatever the hell it's supposed to do and be on my way, grabbing the meteorite that was evidently the machine's power source.

Seriously, I'm not making that up. Their machine was powered by a hunk of space rock. And they wonder why the scheme failed?

On my way back to Lanette's, I'm given a TM by some guy. He calls it SECRET POWER, which I remember having been told earlier could make trees inhabitable.

I teach it to Mike and test it on a nearby tree.

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Damn. That is a stylin' pad. All I need now is a bed, and my love shack to entice Lanette will be complete.

On my way back to Lanette's, I encounter a man in his house offering to make me items out of glass if I collect ash from the surrounding grass for him.

Intrigued to see what kind of wares he's offering, I try it out.

I've walked through the grass enough times to have Mike level up twice. That's gotta be worth something, right?

Looking at what he's offering to make, I decide I'll go for the PRETTY DESK, assuming that it'll tickle Lanette's fancy. He informs me that I need 7745 more pieces of ash before he can make that for me.

I stare at him goggle-eyed before saving and closing down the game.

I've got better shit to do with my time than collect ash. Tonight's the night I'm hanging with the guys.

Tomorrow's episode will be much longer, I promise.

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